What People Are Saying About ARS

From the wide array of presentations and expert tutorials to the great opportunities to network, reliability professionals around the world have all benefitted from what ARS has to offer. Below are the comments and testimonials from hundreds of satisfied attendees.

"Very good informative presentations."

"Good materials, classic examples & also a live demo using the software helps to understand the concept more effectively. Interactivity & involvement of the presenters are excellent."

"The topics covered new technologies in reliability engineering, and it’s a great event to update your reliability engineering knowledge as well."

"The seminar topics were very useful and included realistic data."

"Very good presentation. Great summary of new techniques and analysis tools. The presenter was motivated, had great interaction with the audience, and made a difficult topic easy to understand."

"All the related field reliability presentations were especially helpful and interesting. The references and book suggestions at the end of each of the proceedings was/is a great idea! I had previously attended several RAMS symposiums in the past, and from this symposium I came back with more practical information I can use."

"The presentation provided an appropriate mix of intelligent theory and practical background of the presenter."

"I really appreciated the different presentation topics and the experience of those that attended. The networking potential was a bonus!"

"The wide range of subjects kept my interest level peaked. In addition, the location as very convenient and the hotel was well prepared and very accommodating."

"The presentation not only explored the technical aspects of FMEA but how to effectively lead FMEA. Brilliant! Thank You!!"

"Very good and interesting presentations! They were straightforward, and effective."

"Good presentations. Covers many information which are essential for practical implementation."

"The breadth of topics was outstanding and the array of industries represented was impressive. Prime opportunities provided to get in touch with others working in the same field."

"A lot of experienced presenters showed the actual/real picture rather than just theory."

"Session was informative; gave another dimension to reliability analysis for systems with redundancies. The program has imparted enough awareness on the kind of reliability for a newcomer in this field."

"The Reliability Growth Modeling session presented an innovative method with application on the current scenario of small sample sizes and fast turnaround analysis."

"I liked that the attendees and presenters held real life experiences instead of just academic knowledge."

"Clear, simple, and useful method for monitoring reliability - clear and accessible presenter."

"Great insight into component reliability examples to bring components into the system. This has proven to be valuable and it helps to confirm the method our company is using to develop reliability."

"The presenter worked out examples using the quality tools. Very beneficial!"

"Good to see other industries represented and using reliability techniques. There was a good selection of topics arranged in a way they did not conflict so it was easy to choose one or the other between two tracks. Location of conference was central and easy to get to. Facilities are good and staying here was very comfortable. Enjoyable and good opportunity to network with other reliability professionals. Interesting topics and very useful to see how theory applied in industry by other engineers in different industries."

"Enlightening and insightful session on FMEA. The presenter has a broad and in-depth knowledge of the topic; is a good presenter and has kept my attention during the entire session."

"The best part was simply the variety of topics presented in the Symposium"

"Good view of the systems engineering issues and how they impact today's challenges in reliability. Enthusiastic presentation style with good mastery of the topic."

"Good explanations and examples that are easy to understand. Very interesting presentation. 'Instead of complaining about missing field data, why not use the available data?' Very simple but clever question. Thank you for sharing that idea!"

"Great Presentation. If I had only attended this presentation, the event would already be a success for me!! The presenter was able to demonstrate complex reliability techniques in a comprehensive way and add value independent of the industry of the audience."

"The presentation had great information and a good build up to the end. It included appropriate use of relevant data and provided possible solutions with software. A great presentation with great reference links."

"The Symposium was well organized and ran on an efficient schedule."

"I really liked the tuturial on Reliability Impact on Financial Performance."

"The symposium was well managed."

"The organization of the entire event was the best. There was great intereaction between the presenters and attendees."

"A exhaustive presentation over the topic discussed. The presenter was great and delivered with competency. The examples used were effective and made perfect sense!"

"Fascinating presentation. It moves me to think…"

"The Symposium staff did a wonderful job. The refreshements and snacks were a nice touch. I enjoyed the comardarie with associates and the variation in presentation topics. Overall great experience."

"I really liked the length of the sessions and the material covered in the presentations."

"The topic was important and relevant in today's reliability industry. The slides were suitable and very well put together. "

"Admirable presentation with the use of helpful examples. It was very effective."

"Interesting topic. I thought it was a great idea to review data from the recurrent events."

"This forum is interesting. The attendees can share knowledge and experiences with each other. They also can ask the presenters everything, even in the break time."

"Having lectures from people using reliability techniques in the real world rather than just theoretical world was very interesting. Being able to talk to and compare experiences with people from various industries around the world was great."

"The presentations that I attended were all relevant for me in my profession."

"I really enjoyed all the networking opportunities during the breaks, welcome reception and hosted dinner."

"The ability to network with people in the field leads way to a great opportunity to see what is being done across industries. The topics that showcase best practices or worst applications is a great way to understand how reliability fits into the industrial or service world."

"The session was very applicable for the electronics industry. Also relevant as a consumer of LCD TVs. Very interesting. Very clear, easy to understand and put points across very well. Presenter was a good communicator. Excellent presentation with good examples/case studies with appropriate amount of equations/theory."

"Great presentation on the deployment of reliability tools."

"What's best at ARS is the talks offer practical advise."

"At the symposium, one can learn from similar industries first-hand experience. There is great value in being able to learn about other industries experiences and lessons learned. It provides ideas on how to avoid typical mistakes that can happen during design, development and implementation of products."

"The presentations were very good..."

" Fantastic presentation. It captured my attention the entire time. The presenter explained the topic in a way that was easy to comprehend."

"Very good presentation with real world non-complicated examples of how reliability is inherent to a person's everyday environment. Very practical presentation. I thought Pantelis has a very enigmatic personality that is able to grab the attention of the audience and hold it very well for a length of time with good effect."

"Great presentation with the use of relevant historical data."

"Topics were applicable to the "real world" and not the onslaught of "Master's Thesis" type presentations that have become way too prevalent at many of the other symposiums/conferences. Even the presentations from Academia on new theoretical methods (e.g., Dr. Olwell's CUMSUM presentation) are focused on immediate real world needs."

"There were different topics covered in the Symposium that I really liked."

"The topics and content of the presentations were the best!"

"ARS has presentations that are application oriented"

"The opportunity to interact with experts in the industry in addition to the encouragement offered to the presenters is what I liked most about ARS."

"Excellent presentations with good examples and information which is helpful in my job."

"Comprehensive, detailed and precise. Message is clear and direct to the points. Program matrix is well organized and on-time per schedule."

"The presentations were the best!"

"#Networking; #Excellent Presenters; #Great Environment"

"What I enjoyed most was the informal talks while on breaks."

"The Symposium offered great presentations on a variety of interesting topics. Well worth the time and money!"

"I liked the possibility to choose between three tracks."

"The parallel presentation tracks were well organized."

"The presenters were efficient and interesting."

"Very good session. Explained the importance of Reliability and its role in each stage of product development cycle. Linkage of FRACAS and design was well captured."

"I liked having the presentations on the USB stick and watching a dynamic presenter bring their presentation to life."

"This session's presenter is clear in his presentation and able to instill interest in the audience. I have learned good FMEA techniques from him."

"Very effective implementation in presenting theoretical approaches that translate to practical situations."

"I appreciated learning EZ-Go's full reliability plan/activities (very open with their info). It will help us benchmark."

"My favorite thing about ARS is learning about new methods of analysis. I also enjoyed meeting the vendors."

"The most satisfying presentations were the ones with new mathematical techniques that I can apply to my job - such as Combining Life Data Analysis, Warranty Data & Quality Methods, New Damp Heat Aging Model."

"The experience one gains through an ARS presentation is second to none. Respect is the one thing a RAM specialist craves, at ARS it is earned. To be noticed by peers and customers is incomparable and to do at a stage like ARS makes it just that more special."

"Good view and understanding of where we have been to know where we are going."

"I liked every aspect of the Applied Reliability Symposium"

"I appreciated the refreshments and food during the breaks."

"Very good explanation of the approach in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. Everyone should bring this information back to their own company."

" I found many applications of commercial reliability assessment and customer interface. Also evident was the importance of vendor and supply chain management."

"Professional arrangement overall."

"I liked the focus on actual implementation of simple tools and processes. This helped foster the idea that this stuff doesn't have to be hard..."

"I really enjoyed my experience and the location was great!"

"Good and practical direction on making FMEAs more effective."

"Quite interesting insights. Especially getting supplier to do FMEA. Carl has given good information especially about assessing the risk of failure modes."

"I was really impressed with the interchange of ideas and opinions going on during the sessions and between them. It appears that we are all in the same boat with similar issues and concerns."

"Very good presentation. It was interesting and targeted the important issues. Easy to understand."

"I enjoyed the ability to network with other people from different organizations and discuss/share ideas/practices, etc."

"I enjoyed the quality of presentations; they were very much 'applied R&M' rather than theory/research."

"Great presentation. Good mix of detailed methodology and practical examples."

"The tutorials were excellent. Some presentations were well-prepared and contained valuable tips/teachings. The boat cruise dinner and the polo shirts were very good ideas. Making friends with counterparts in other companies and industries was a plus."

"Excellent Presentations. Post presentation discussions also very enjoyable/helpful."

"Exceptional coverage of the topic and well prepared delivery."

"The topics were good and there is correlation with our job."

"This session's presentation contained excellent background material on topic. Very informative."

"Good spectrum of topics covered - from today's general practices to future views."

"Adequately covered a wide area and across industries, which is a good. Enables cross-industrial learning. Well done!"

"There wasn't anything negative from my experience."

"What I liked the most about ARS is the opportunity to interact with reliability colleagues. There is always something new to learn, especially from the tutorials."

"Very interesting and extremely informative. The presentation topic was very pertinent to many of the issues that exist in the industry today."

"Good coverage for practicing reliability engineers and management."

"The content was very clear, easy to follow and systematic. Good examples were shown. Good arrangement of the program, place & time management. Nice food during breaks. Perfect location and excellent hotel facilities. Good symposium for benchmarking, knowledge sharing and networking."

"Clear and bright presentations. Working methods are clearly explained and easy to be referenced. Enough experimental data for practical references."

"Excellent presentation. Very effective presenter. His knowledge and enthusiasm was obvious."

"Great case study of a practical high-tech application."

"The presentation was great and delivered with passion."

"The area of interest has been addressed very effectively by this session. Linkage of different reliability concepts with onion model is much appreciated."

"The presentation was on a very important and relevant topic for reliability professionals. This conference is a great place to share knowledge on to this topic and provides a unique opportunity to learn!"

"In my opinion the best part about the Symposium is the organized schedule of events and the facilitator available in each area."

"Carl Carlson was very dynamic in his presentation. He made the topic of Reliability Plans very interesting."

"I really enjoyed the tutorials. They provided a new approach to see things and might potentially help reliability experts to devise new methodologies for accelarated testing."

"The application based approach works best in helping to understand the practical situaltions in the work place. Great job ARS!"

"A very inspiring presentation! The presenter held the attention of the entire auditorium during the presentation from beginning to end. Great job!"

"The gathering was so large and it was not possible to interact with everybody... this symposium showed that so many companies are taking this subject so seriously, and awareness is growing very fast."

"Good, very informative. It is the best platform to share best practices/lessons learned in applying reliability engineering to achieve operational excellence. Tutorial sessions by both ReliaSoft's president and RGA's guru (Dr. Larry) are good eye-openers to seriously consider applying reliability engineering in the business process."

"The Program Matrix was very good. The Symposium had a good pace and the breaks allowed plenty of time to be refreshed & get ready for each session."

"The three day duration of the Symposium was right on. The wide range of session topics provided a good variety to choose from. What I liked most was having the opportunity to share methods with fellow reliability practitioners to learn new approaches. The proceedings and additional materials available are excellent for future reference!"

"There was nothing about the Symposium that I disliked. The sessions were well organized."

"Length of sessions was appropriate and allowed time for questions; good variety - it was sometimes difficult to choose between two sessions offered at the same time."

"Very applicable presentation. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the industry - I've already noticed it in less than a year in the business. Presenter did a great job of including stories/experiences that baked up and illustrated the points he was making."

"I really liked that the presentation topics were directly related to my personal responsibilities at work."

"It is a nicely organised symposium. Some of the topics discussed have lots of information which can be implemented across our organisation."

"The thing I liked the most about this Symposium was the in depth tutorials and paper like Reliability Growth and Accelerated Life Testing."

"There were some really good presenters with presentations that contained a wealth of good experience and knowledge. My colleague and I have returned encouraged with a charge of excitement, full of ideas and information that we are anxious to implement. Good variety of topics. Great opportunity to meet others in the same area of interest. Awesome location!"

"Presenters are confident and used simple and easy to understand terminology. Very efficient and clear. Great break times between sessions. Topics are very relevant and provided good information for various industries."

"Both Session 4 and Session 8 presentations are related to my business applications. They gave the overview and understanding on how to apply to improve the reliability in our plant."

"The session had good information on accelerated testing. Excellent presenter effectiveness with good style of presentation."

"Thank you for your presentations. They were a great help to me in learning and understanding new methods. Excellent information and presented in a clear and understandable way."

"The organization of the Symposium allows people of all levels to meet and exhange ideas."

"The location and hotel was my favorite."

"Wow! Great presentation. It was realistic, practical, and logical. The presenter was knowledgeable and made the presentation easy to understand."

"ARS presentations used real case examples to solve reliability problems."

"The Q/A time allowance after the presentations was my favorite part."

"The length and extradordinary topics of the presentations were great."

"The content of the presentation was clear and concise. I was impressed by the professionalism of the presenter. Overall, an excellent  experience!"

"A variety of helpful information in the handout. Very good sharing of presentations. The presenters were great at showing how to use different techniques."

"Excellent presentation. The topic was effectively demonstrated by the use of interesting data supported by observations and technical support. Thank you for sharing!"

"Great story. Instead of reading directly from the slides the presenter was able to tell the story around the slides. Very impressive!"

"Excellent discussion of accelerated methods, gave insight to difficulties in establishing and ALT program."

"Content was very good, examples easy to follow and topics were practical. Interesting topics and useful for my work."

"This tutorial had a very interesting topic; the presenter "built" the content as he moved through the material. Presenter answered questions and discussed suggestions in detail and didn't limit the discussion to his material only. Presenter was very effective at engaging the audience, didn't rely on his slides to "talk to". Knew his topic and material very well. Best day. The presentation was very technically based but provided simple analogies and ideas for audience to relate to."

" I like everything about ARS!"

"Good target audience for us!"

"Hongan's presentation on Different Approaches in the analysis of Repairable System Data is excellent. I like it. Very practical. I learnt a lot from this ARS and like to see this program in the years to come."

"Quality presentations. There were several instances where I would have liked to attend both sessions in the same time period.-"

"Presenters get plenty of time to present their subjects."

"The presenters were experts in their own fields. Good material…"

"I like the format of ARS the best. There is an interesting mix of exposure to industries I have never worked with and to people who have faced very similar challenges. The tutorials are offered at an appropriate skills level."

"Great practical examples in reliability prediction. Great detailed coverage with case studies shared. This is a great symposium for reliability professionals to meet and share their knowledge and experience. I had a great exposure to what other reliability professionals are doing in the rest of the field."

"Amazing presentation. Very informative topic that was presented and explained well."

"The topics covered in the presentations were informative to me as well as others in my entire organization."

"What I liked most is the variety of topics and the presenters."

"It is beneficial that many presentations talk about their experiences and results of reliability theories, tools and methods they apply."

"I very much like that the presentations were practical rather than academic. Given by real people who have faced the same problems and successes that I have."

"The hotel was great."

"The Symposium was well organized and the sessions were planned very well."

"I really like how people from many different industries and backgrounds come together to share their knowledge."

"Amazing presentation. Very informative topic that was presented and explained well."

"The 60 minute time frame allows the presenter to explore the topic in detail."

"Excellent organization at ARS. For example, being able to download the presentations before the event, including a loaded memory stick of all presentations and making sure that all slides contain the presenter name, track # and session #. Well done!"

"I really like the practical approach (lessons learned) of the Symposium. The presenters cover a wide range of products and industries. Very good!"

"An informative presentation! I learned how reliability data and analysis approach can be used to draw conclusions for asset management. A very interesting topic."

"Professional presenters!"

"The opportunity to see how various tools are applied across products was very useful."

The city location and the variety of contacts made was what I liked the most"

What did I think about the event? 1) Honest, open communication - collaboration, 2) Longer more detailed presentations than those at most other symposiums, 3) The two track approach, 4) The focus on reliability instead of the broader "...ilities", 5) The focus on topics/solutions that one can apply in their day-to-day activities (i.e. not too much theory). Thanks for doing a great job!

"An extremely informative and engaging presentation."

"I will address the following hits in my company: Reliability growth by Dr Crow, Making FMEA a More Powerful & Effect Reliability Tool by Carl Carlson, and Leading Reliability Improvement in a Large Company by Thomas Wakeman. Great Job! "

"The one hour presentation time is better than the 25-30 minutes you find at other conferences..."

"Down to earth presentations, speakers who mostly do real work in the industry, presentations which are long enough to go into some depth, plus Q&A from other practitioners. Excellent overall!"

"ARS is a professional and valuable Symposium."

"I thought the overall symposium was very good and the organization was handled in great fashion. The lodging facilities were enjoyable. The refreshments were fresh and pleasing and the harbor tour/dinner was excellent. I enjoyed the symposium very much and plan to try and attend in the future. Thanks for a job well done!"

"The presentations were very useful even for the Oil and Gas industry. The topics were expansive and easy to understand."

"This highly valuable presentation gave insight on how to solve problems by using different global perspectives. It was detailed, clear and effective."

"Everything was great. What I liked best as a presenter, was being able to look at my slides while facing the audience."

"The 2-track method allowed me to customize my schedule and maximize time. Also, the overall timing was very good (length of presentations breaks, etc.) and kept me from burning out."

"The expert tutorials to concluded each day were extremely informative. I learned a lot!"

"I particularly enjoyed presentations related to implementing a Reliability Program, implementing a Test Program and usage of Warranty data."

"This is the first time that I attended a conference that afforded so much knowledge and experience. You opened my 'testing eyes'. Excellent. Thank you!"

"The presentations were full of useful overviews of real-life examples. I will be applying a lot of the techniques that I've learned at my job soon."

"The presentation was extremely relevant, applicable, well structured, and used great examples. It was worth the entire trip!"

"Tutorial had very useful information about finer points of running effective FMEAs. Very clear presentation. Topics covered were quite good. Good mix of industries and topics from Weibull, FMEA etc."

"The topics were very useful to me and the contents were very informative. Eloquent speakers, speaking in clear and good English. Comprehensive enough to cater to a broad base of participants."

"Great story. Instead of reading directly from the slides the presenter was able to tell the story around the slides. Very impressive!"

"The aspects of the Symposium that were most satisfying to me were the fact we got to brainstorm on new concepts and share ideas."

"Good presentation of Reliability Growth methods and calculations - clear and confident presentation style shows expertise."

"This session was a good refresher on basic weibull analysis and a painful reminder on how long it takes to by hand."

"Informative, relevant and practical. Great presentations."