Red Room - Session 6

9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Wednesday April 22, 2015

Failures of and Countermeasures for Spares and Standby Equipment

How do you ensure spare parts and standby equipment are in a service ready condition?

Just In Time is a tempting spares holding methodology but only if your supplier can meet your spares holding and response times and your local infrastructure is capable of supporting those aspirations. There are many instances where this is not possible, particularly in the developing world, or where legislation requires spares or standby equipment to be held. In this presentation, I will discuss the types of failures seen in stored parts and standby equipment when put into service and propose countermeasures to prevent these.

Key Words: Spare Part/Equipment Failure, Countermeasures, Maintenance Strategy, FIFO, False Brinelling, True Brinelling, Static Corrosion, Vibration Management, Motors, Bearings, Pump Sets, Standby Equipment 90:10 Strategy, Clean Oil, Just in Time, Testing and Inspection, Warranty

Mark Norris

Atkins Management Consultancy

United Kingdom