Red Room - Session 2

10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday April 21, 2015

Maintenance Strategy Optimization by Implementing Reliability Analysis for Power Distribution Transformer at Al Ain Distribution Company

It is essential that a power distribution transformer operates reliably 24x7 and provides optimal power output as per its technical specifications in order to secure the high demand of power supply as well as provide a stable and reliable electricity supply to consumers (e.g., industrial, commercial, residential, etc.). In the modern world, maintenance plays an essential role in the power industry to maximize the availability and reliability of power plants. Therefore, the main aim of this presentation is to improve and develop the maintenance strategy for a power distribution transformer.

This presentation is divided into three phases: reliability, RCM and degradation analysis. For the reliability analysis, the failure data of power transformers are analyzed through Minitab® statistical software in order to determine the best fit distribution and its life data parameters. Further, RCM analysis involves information and decision worksheets for the power transformer as well as FMEA techniques such as Risk Priority Numbers (RPNs), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs). Preventive maintenance (PM) optimization for the on-load tap changer (OLTC) is conducted through Monte Carlo Simulation (Availability Workbench®). Finally, degradation data analysis and the prognostic technique is used to predict the failure time of the power transformer through ReliaSoft’s Weibull++® software.

Key Words: Maintenance Strategy, Life Data Analysis, MTTF, MTBF, Reliability Model, RCM Analysis, FMEA, RPN, FTA, RBD, RCM Cost Analysis, PM Optimization, Degradation Data Analysis, Prognostic Techniques, Failure Predication

Abdulla Y. Alseiari

Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)

United Arab Emirates