Blue Room - Session 7

10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday April 22, 2015

Identification of Influence Factors and Uncertainties by the Field Data Analysis: Impacts on Product Reliability Analysis Results and Damage Case Prognosis

The increasing complexity of component and/or product functionality often leads to complex failure modes during the product life cycle. The aim of the product manufacturer (OEM) is the early and precise detection of the damage cause as well as the prognosis of the expected damage impact on the product fleet within the usage phase and the entire product development.

The aim of this presentation is the detection and prognosis of possible factors of influence by the collection and analysis of the field data, which can cause a falsification of the results of risk analysis as well as the understanding of the product. The analysed and described data set from automotive engineering has been simulated and synthesised. It shows a typical characteristic of field damage cases and corresponds to a realistic product fleet in the usage phase.

Key Words: (Non-) Parametrical Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Data Mining, Prognosis Models

Marcin Hinz, Sebastian Sochacki and Stefan Bracke

University of Wuppertal