Blue Room - Session 4

2:15 to 3:15 p.m. Tuesday April 21, 2015

Availability Matrix: An Integral and Powerful Tool During Product Development

ASML delivers complex high-tech products. Time to market is crucial and also one of the success factors of the company. In this demanding concurrent development environment, there is a strong need to drive for maximum product performance while keeping RAMS risks under control. For that, we use an internally developed tool: the Availability Matrix (AvM). We use it to determine RAMS performance based on a model of the maintenance process of a product, and we use it to optimize design choices and to effectively manage project RAMS risks.

This presentation will show how the predicted RAMS performance is determined based on service activity duration, frequency of occurrence and spare part cost. Parameter values are either deducted from actual measured field/test data or estimated by experienced engineers. It will be explained how the model is used during the design cycle of the product to get insight in the maintenance activities required in the field. And how, by doing so, insight is gained in the biggest contributors to critical RAMS parameters and project risks. The presentation will end with showing the next step: building a hardware reliability database for supporting both reliability budget breakdown as well as field data actual feedback, which is partially automated using Crow-AMSAA modelling of registered part failures.

Key Words: Product Design, RAMS, Risk Management, Integrated Approach, Design for Availability

Rico Halfers

ASML Netherlands B.V.

The Netherlands