Blue Room - Session 12

1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Thursday April 23, 2015

Fault Tree Analysis in Product Safety Demonstration

Safety demonstration analysis is intended to demonstrate occurrence of the events with impact on a person’s safety. Quantitative or qualitative analysis can be applied depending on the specific event and component interactions.

This presentation is focused on the quantitative analysis of the safety events caused by the operation of the heating ventilation air-conditioning system in a rail car. Preparation steps such as as descriptions of the physical conditions and their interactions leading to the safety event and causal analysis which provides quantitative expression of the event occurrence (failure rate, probability) are presented. The presented method is Fault Tree Analysis.

A step-by-step process including functional analysis, fault tree analysis diagram development, analysis constraints and component's dangerous failure rate determination is presented. Fault tree analysis is demonstrated on the application examples which are part of RAMS requirements for rail car equipment: a) fire start or a smoke release by the air-conditioning and b) fluid cooling outflow from the air-conditioning system.


Vaclav Verner

Ingersoll-Rand Equipment Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o.

Czech Republic