Blue Room - Session 11

10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday April 23, 2015

Advanced Strategy for the Development of Highly Reliable, Safety Relevant Electronics to Meet the Challenge of Economic Requirements

The established procedure of development and qualification for electronic units is traditionally based on experience and standard test procedures. With the increase of complexity and reaching the physical limits in some areas of the technologies, it is not anymore possible to handle this approach in an economic way. Sometimes the effort for verification and testing is too small - caused by economic restriction. On the other hand, the time for the validation process seems to be too long and too expensive to reach the economic targets or the time to market. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce new concepts in this validation procedure.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate an integrated concept where risk management, adapted test procedures and simulation techniques lead to an optimized result within an acceptable timeframe and costs.

Key Words: Simulation, Reliability, Prognostic, Robustness Validation

Viktor Tiederle

RELNETyX Consulting UG