2015 ARS Europe

Program of Presentations and Tutorials

This matrix presents the program of the presentations, tutorials and other events planned for the 2015 ARS Europe. A print-ready brochure (*.pdf, ~10 MB) is also available.

Downloads: Attendees can download the notes from the following presentations that were not available in the distributed Proceedings:

"Essential Considerations in Establishing a World-Class Asset Reliability Program" by Adamantios Mettas of ReliaSoft Corporation  [For Print] [Full Color]

"Maintenance Strategy Optimization by Implementing Reliability Analysis for Power Distribution Transformer at Al Ain Distribution Company" by Abdulla Y. Alseiari of Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)  [For Print] [Full Color]

  Tuesday - April 21st Wednesday - April 22nd Thursday - April 23rd
2015 Blue Room Red Room Blue Room Red Room Blue Room Red Room
7:00-8:00 Check-in and Registration  
8:00-8:30 Blue-S5
Design for Reliability (DfR) Demystified

Thijs M.J. Bressers
Using Reliability to Unlock Sustainable Business Success

Andrew Fraser
Reliable Manufacturing
8:30-9:00 Welcome
9:00-9:15 15 Minute Break
9:15-10:15 Blue-S1
Specifying Reliability

Richard Collinson
Thales Optronics
Lean Reliability Engineering

Albertyn Barnard
Lambda Consulting
From FMEA to Test: An Example of Success

Claudio Ferrari
Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions
Failures of and Countermeasures for Spares and Standby Equipment

Mark Norris
Atkins Management Consultancy
The Benefits and Disadvantages of Multi-Stress Accelerated Life Test Methods

Laura Frisk
Tampere University of Technology
Lean (and Friendly) FMEA

Amnon Ganot
Gertron Ltd.
10:15-10:30 15 Minute Break
10:30-11:30 Blue-S2
The Story of Appreciated Journey Through Performing FMECA Study of Central Control Computer

Pinar Aydin
Turkish Aerospace Industries
Maintenance Strategy Optimization by Implementing Reliability Analysis for Power Distribution Transformer at Al Ain Distribution Company

Abdulla Y. Alseiari
Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)
Identification of Influence Factors and Uncertainties by the Field Data Analysis: Impacts on Product Reliability Analysis Results and Damage Case Prognosis

Marcin Hinz
University of Wuppertal
Mixed Weibull Distribution as Best Representative of Forced Outage Distribution to be Implemented in BlockSim RBD

Elisa Carlucci
GE Oil & Gas
Advanced Strategy for the Development of Highly Reliable, Safety Relevant Electronics to Meet the Challenge of Economic Requirements

Viktor Tiederle
RELNETyX Consulting UG
Risk Assessment for Technical and Economic Issues Combined via Monte-Carlo Simulation

Fabian Plinke
Institute for Quality and Reliability Management GmbH
11:30-1:00 1 Hour 30 Minute Lunch Break (Provided by the Hotel)
1:00-2:00 Blue-S3
Reliability Study of Engine Cooling Radiators Undergoing Pressure Pulsation Fatigue Loadings

Marco Bonato
Valeo Thermal Systems
Embedding the RCM Mindset

Wojciech Stasiukiewicz
GDF Suez Energia Polska SA
System Reliability Prediction of an Ultrafast Laser

Rysvan Maleck
Amplitude Systèmes
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Tackling Bad Data Quality in Life Data Analysis

Simone Turrin
ABB AG Corporate Research
Fault Tree Analysis in Product Safety Demonstration

Vaclav Verner
Ingersoll-Rand Equipment Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o.
The Value of Failure and Hazard Rate of Mechanical Seals

Dave Krijger
Invista Rozenburg
2:00-2:15 15 Minute Break
2:15-3:15 Blue-S4
Availability Matrix: An Integral and Powerful Tool During Product Development

Rico Halfers
ASML Netherlands B.V.
Leverage the Power of Field Data

Nicolas Canouet
Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse
A Practical Approach to Consider Several Usage Variables in Reliability Analyzes with an Example from Automotive Field Data

Thomas Köttermann
Daimler AG
Uncertainty in RAM Analysis

George de Schutter
Royal HaskoningDHV
Bayesian Monte-Carlo Methods to Consider Dynamic Failure Modes in Early Field Prognosis

Jens Michalski
Institute for Quality and Reliability Management GmbH
ATA Codes Resolution Using Reliability Asset Based Management Techniques for Operations Optimization

Jonathan Zwerling
Delta Air Lines
3:15-3:30 15 Minute Break
3:30-4:30 Tutorial 1
Introduction to Design of Experiments: Theory and Application

Julio Pulido
ReliaSoft Corporation
Tutorial 2
Repairable Systems: Data Analysis and Modeling

Athanasios Gerokostopoulos
ReliaSoft Corporation
Sample Size and Producer's Risk in Reliability Testing

Elly Funken
Holland Innovative BV
Remaining Life Analysis: What to Invest, When and Why?

Martin van den Hout
Egemin Consulting & Services


Hosted Awards Dinner
(for attendee and a guest)

Continuing Education Credit: 1.7 CEUs and 1 CRP Credit